Spectrum’s sexuality education is offered 100% online. The SIROW Health Education for Youth
(SIROW-HEY) curriculum provides age-appropriate, culturally-informed, factual information through interactive online sessions to assist youth in making healthy, informed decisions. SIROW-HEY consists of the following topics:

Intro to Sex and Sexuality
Sexual and Reproductive Anatomy & Physiology
Sexually Transmitted Infections
HIV Education
Safer Sex Protection
Sexual Communication
Unhealthy and Healthy Relationships

Mental and Behavioral Health Treatment

Spectrum’s mental and behavioral health services are available 100% remotely through Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health. Youth and/or parents may request a referral for mental health counseling through the Spectrum team. Referrals may also be recommended based on a brief screening tool that will be completed by participants before the program begins. If youth express a lot of current mental
health problems, thoughts of or attempted harm to others or themselves, including suicide, or abuse, Spectrum staff must call a parent or guardian. Staff will inform the parent/guardian of these concerns and recommend referral to mental or behavioral health services. Engagement in these services is voluntary.

Confidential HIV Testing  

Spectrum offers voluntary, free and confidential HIV testing. We see this service as a regular health practice that anyone can engage in, regardless of perceived HIV risk. Parent/guardian permission is not required for youth to obtain an HIV test. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Spectrum’s testing provider, the Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation (SAAF) is taking measures to ensure the safety of
anyone who chooses to get tested face-to-face at their main office in Tucson. Mail-home HIV tests are also available for those who wish to maintain social distancing and/or live outside of Tucson.

Community Resource Navigation 

If participants are looking for help with any issue not previously addressed, Spectrum’s Prevention Navigator can remotely provide information and link them to resources and services.
925 N Tyndall Ave., Tucson AZ 85719


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