Welcome Interview

Research assessment. 40 minute meeting on Zoom or phone. Gift card.

Inclusive Curriculum

8 core topics. Affirming education on gender, sexual orientation, sexual health, and relationships.

HIV & “Ask A Tester”

HIV testing education. Talk to an HIV tester one-on-one. Free HIV test (optional).

Mental and Behavioral Health Services

Optional referral for 3-5 brief intervention sessions with a counselor. Linkage to ongoing services if needed/desired.

Community Resource Navigation

Individualized assistance for finding resources. Help with housing, food access, clothing, job help, etc. 

Farewell Interview

Research assessments. 6 months after Welcome Interview. 20 minutes meeting on Zoom or phone. Cash incentive.

Before the Program

• After completing this consent and registration form, Spectrum's Research Technician will contact you to schedule a Welcome Interview. The Welcome Interview will occur via Zoom or phone a few days prior to the program session. You'll have an opportunity to request a Mental Health Counseling referral during your intake, if that's of interest. A counselor with Devereux will follow up with you (if you're over 18) or your parent/guardian (if you're 13-17) about engaging in mental health treatment.

• Within the week before the program starts, you'll receive a Welcome email from one of our Health Educators with instructions for the program.

During the Program

• Each day, Monday through Friday, you'll join us in person or on Zoom for a sexuality education class, which will be led by a Spectrum Health Educator. A new topic will be covered each day. Your personalized Welcome Box will either be delivered to you at home or waiting for you in person with everything you need to participate in class.

• During the HIV Education session, you'll have an opportunity to receive a free confidential HIV test.

• On the last day of the session, you'll complete some surveys letting us know what you learned and how you liked the program. If you complete 80% of the curriculum, or 4 out of the 5 sessions, you'll receive a Graduation Backpack.

After the Program Ends

• If you're accessing mental health services through Devereux or prevention resources with SAAF, you may continue working with our providers for as long as desired/agreed upon beyond the program session.

• After 6 months, our Research Technician will reach out to you schedule a Farewell Interview, for which you'll receive $20 cash.
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